What is M2?

M2 is now a digital integral. In the future, it will build a decentralized node network with participation from all over the world.


Is M2 free mining? What's the total?

Access to M2 is free. The total amount is determined according to the final number of active people. When the number of active people participating in M2 reaches 10 million, it will stop production, and the output when it stops production is the final output of M2.


Do I need to keep the app open to mine? Will the app consume my battery or data traffic quickly?

You don't need to keep the application open. After switching to the background of the mobile phone, M2 will not affect the performance of the mobile phone, and will not consume the power of the mobile phone or use the network data.


Why can the early members mine at a higher speed?

Early members are important contributors to M2, and as a reward, they can mine at a higher speed. In order to ensure the importance of early contribution, as more and more people join the network, the mining rate will decline. At this time, whenever the number of active users increases 10 times, the basic mining rate will be halved. When the active number of M2 network reaches 10 million, the rate will eventually drop to 0. At that time, the rewards of the diggers will be rewarded in the form of trading rather than by creating new M2.


What's the use of inviting people?

For each person you invite for M2 community, the users you invite can get 25% of the basic development rate in the case of mining( For the sake of fairness, avoid that some invitees do not mine after inviting members, so the invitees will not increase the computing power of the invitees, and the invitees' computing power will not be affected whether they are online or not.)


Is M2 valuable?

M2 is currently in the development stage and has no value now. It will have market value after decentralization.


How to trade? Can I withdraw my M2?

M2 is not tradable at present. You can't extract M2 for the time being.


Can I mine in multiple devices at the same time? How can M2 network prevent false accounts and robots from obtaining M2?

No, M2 forbids one person to have more than one account. Strictly guarantee the one person one machine one number system. It is strictly forbidden to have one machine with two doors and one person with more than one number. The team has a mature risk control technology to prevent the robot from brushing numbers, and everyone must pass the real name certification before they can extract M2.


Is this app a wallet? Will we hold our own private / public key? Can we use other external wallets to keep our M2?

Yes, your phone will act as a wallet and will link to your current app account. Like any other public blockchain, M2's blockchain also allows the application of internal / external wallets to hold and trade M2 and submit transactions directly to the blockchain. This is the function we currently plan to provide in the middle and later stages of the project.


Can I mine on multiple devices at the same time?How does the M2 network prevent fake accounts, bots, from getting M2?

No, M2 prohibits one person from having multiple accounts.Strictly guarantee one person one machine system.Strictly prohibit one device double open, one person multiple number。Our team has mature anti-robot  risk control technology, and everyone must pass the real-name authentication before they can extract M2.


Is this app a wallet?Will we keep my private/public key?Can we use other external wallets to keep my M2?

Yes, your phone will act as a wallet and will be linked to your current APP account.Like any other public blockchain, M2's blockchain also allows the application's internal/external wallet to hold or submitting transactions M2 to the blockchain.This is something we currently plan to provide in the middle to late stages of the project.