New game concept
Decentralization as the goal

Introduction of M2

M2 will build a network of mobile game players from all over the world, start M2 mobile game now, earn your M2, M2 game users can build their own ecosystem, or participate in building together.M2 mobile game is accessible to everyone, If you have a smartphone.M2 will add more interesting missions, which will be fairer to people who spend more time in the game, and you can earn more M2 by completing missions as well as inviting your friends to join you

Why choose M2?

In the future, M2 will establish an ecosystem for all real-name M2 game interactions, including: services, goods, communities, online and offline.The purpose of M2 is to hope that global users will participate and radiate to the whole world with China as the center. We will provide M2-related services to all parts of the world and make ecological construction according to the cultural differences of different regions.

The early members trailblaze at a much higher rate

Early members were important contributors to M2, and as a reward they were able to expand at a higher rate.In order to maintain the importance of early contributors, the expansion rate will decline as more people join the network.

If you encounter problems in the game, please leave a message to us, we will get in touch with you, repeated problems will be added to the "F&Q page

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